Kickin’ Back @ King Alley concert series

Gate City, Virginia, is proud to be the host site of the Kickin’ Back at King Alley concert series. Featuring an eclectic mix of local bands, solo acts and legends of the music stage, our goal is to bring a much needed weekend break to you and your family!

We’ll start up each Friday evening at 7:00 PM with some incredible openers, followed by some of the best musicians around. Some from far away and others from right next door.  We also offer a beer garden to help take the edge off your week and some new food options that you just might enjoy.

With something for young or old, we look forward to sharing our summer with you!

A Little History:

During the 2013 Christmas Open House planning for Downtown Gate City we decided to add some live music and the King Avenue location was selected for the mini concert. It was cold but festive. The Horse and Carriage also added was going by with free rides for the participants and the streets were packed with cars and shoppers.

While standing there looking around the views down Kane Street were enlightening. So much so that a discussion ensued about the possibility of the Alley being a great venue for many things…it is visible from the street that goes up to Gate City High School and to all visitors entering Downtown from Kane Street…thus was born…King Alley…the creation of the Kickin’ Back Concert Series grew from ensuing conversations and planning for the 2014 season which saw the beginnings of the Series and has led to expansions of other events and the return of the Clinch Mountain Music Festival to Downtown Gate City.


We believe no two getaways should be the same and a busy life deserves the very best. We take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your perfect escape.